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4 Tips for Styling a Trendy Bar Cart

Posted by Heather Pedersen on

Styled Brass Bar Cart

Bar carts aren’t only great for storing your favorite spirits, but they’re a stylish statement piece in any household too!

The right bar cart brings an elegant feel and provides versatility, because its look can be altered for any occasion. Just think, if you’re hosting a classy event where you want a sleek and simple bar cart look, it’s easy to match any theme by decorating the cart with similar, sharp looking color schemes such as silvers or golds, and not overwhelming the cart with clutter.

On the flip side, if you want to dress your bar cart for a more relaxed everyday look, that can easily be achieved by pairing your spirits with a nice bouquet of flowers, or other simple home decor tying into the room.

Honestly, there is absolutely no wrong way to style a quality bar cart, but it can never hurt to have a little inspiration! So, we’re going to share with you some ways to help choose your perfect bar cart, along with unique tips to make your bar cart look extra trendy for any occasion that comes your way.

Bar Cart Location is Key

The first step, before you even purchase a bar cart is to analyze your home and pick a perfect location for the piece. This will dictate your styling decisions moving forward, and exactly which bar cart will be perfect for your space.

Remember a bar cart is a very versatile piece of furniture, especially a small bar cart, as it can be a good fit in many rooms of your household. Unlike a sofa, which is limited location options because of size and function, a bar cart can go virtually anywhere. This provides the chance to have some fun and be your own interior designer!

When we think about a bar cart, we think “social”, which is why they often fit best in a shared space within your house. For some people this may be the kitchen, for others this could be the living room, possibly the bedroom, and for many this is a covered outdoor space such as a sunroom or back patio. If people are over, the spirits are out! What better way to impress those guests and create that classic atmosphere than with a trendy bar cart to bring your space together.

Gold Bar Carts, Silver Bar Carts, Wooden Bar Carts, Oh My!

So many colors, so many choices! Before getting overwhelmed with the variety of bar cart styles and colors out there, take a nice deep breath, because it’s not hard to pick one that’s perfect for you!

Gold Bar Cart

Think about it this way; Do you where jewelry? We do, and when we’re going to pick out new jewelry our eyes always shoot to those pieces that complement our style. Jewelry has to accentuate the clothing and look we’re going for. Think of your bar cart the same way! Look around the room that your bar cart will sit in and ask yourself some questions.

  • Do I want the bar cart to be a major statement piece or do I want it to flow with the rest of the room?
  • What color scheme is the room?
  • What type of material is the surrounding furniture?

The first question is important to consider because if your bar cart is going to be a statement piece in the room, you may not want it to completely match the rest of your furniture. However, if your aim is to add a little bit of character to the room without taking away from the other décor, you may want to make it flow better with the rest of the room.

For example, you may want your bar cart for a sun room filled with browns and neutral colors. With a laid-back lounging feel like this many people will choose a wooden bar cart with a nice brown color that flows well in the area. It then doesn’t become a statement piece, but rather a great addition to the current design of the room and becomes a focal point for entertaining.

But remember, a lot of bar carts are simple colors so it’s easy to change up color scheme to match your house with your decorations and set-up. Elle Décor’s examples of styled bar carts are a great reference and illustrate a variety of ways to dress them up or down.

One of our favorites is the “lucite bar cart” pushed up against an eye-catching accent wall. We love this idea as you could always push it against a different wall or adjust your accent whenever you wanted to change up the look.

Keep it Simple

Nobody likes messy, so keep it simple with your bar cart! Whether you’re dressing it up or dressing it down, it’s always a good rule of thumb to keep your bar cart looking clean and ready to use. When you’re hungry, and your kitchen is a mess, does that make you want to cook? How about when you need to get work done but there are piles of random papers on your desk, does that make you want to do work? Of course not! So, if you want your bar cart to be used and enjoyed by yourself and others, you need to make it look appealing.

This doesn’t mean load it up with all the spirits and glassware possible. Ever hear of the phrase “Less is More”? Well that totally applies here! A few bottles of spirits, a couple glasses, and a design aspect (bouquet of flowers, stacked books, an ice bucket, etc.) is all you need to turn a bar cart into an eye pleasing, social staple of the room.

Spirited Holiday Bar Carts

Holidays are the perfect occasions to get creative with your bar cart and are a great excuse to “overdo” your bar cart accessories. There is nothing better around the Holidays then having a fire going, the blankets out, and the bar cart dressed in fake snow, sitting under hot coco and eggnog. It’s the perfect accent piece to gather ‘round, share stories, and get in the holiday spirit.

For those who go all out during the holidays with decoration our “Less is More” mantra goes out the window during these holidays. As long as it isn’t messy, a Spirited, holiday themed bar cart is fun, and it works because it fits right in with the cozy feeling you get from the rest of a decorated house.

But bar carts aren’t just for the winter holiday season, they are perfect for Fall time, dressing your bar cart with mimosa ingredients and a decoration pumpkin, or 4th of July dressing your bar cart up with an array of red, white, and blue. There are endless possibilities.

Now that your armed with some basic tips for turning a normal bar cart into a classy, bold, or Spirited piece of eye-catching furniture, it’s your time to shine. Have fun and get styling!

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