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With the Kids gone, Custom Furniture Refreshes Empty Nest

Posted by Heather Pedersen on

With the Kids gone, Custom Furniture Refreshes Empty Nest

In 2018, more kids are going to college than ever before, leaving parents wondering what comes next.

This drastic change in a family’s lifecycle, can seem much more overwhelming than the actual reality of living as an empty nester!

You Empty Nester’s out there know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s that feeling that comes the days after your youngest child steps out of the house and you ask yourself, where did my kids go and where did all this space come from?!

The most common way people cope with Empty Nest Syndrome is by redecorating and taking back the home that had been held captive by their children for so many years!

Parents realize it’s time to box up some of the old memories and momentous left behind, put them aside for their kids to look back on, and start fresh in this exciting new chapter.

Let’s face it though, sending the not-so-little children out of the house for the first time can be a very hard and emotional time in a parent’s life. That's why here at Herringbone & Company we encourage positivity, by turning any situation into a reason to redecorate for the better to make ourselves happy.

We’re here to help parents achieve their dream life, by piecing together their dream home, with the design and decor they can’t live without!

From this perspective, transitioning into an empty nest is really an exciting time for parents, providing them the opportunity to think for themselves and their home, after years of prioritizing their children.

With the chance to customize and specialize just for themselves, more and more empty nesters are steering away from cookie cutter, off-the-shelf, standardized pieces of manufactured furniture, and veering towards modern, chic, and stylish designer customized furniture.

Re-Designing and Re-Decorating an Empty Nest Brings Adventure & Excitement

Now that the kids are gone, instead of sitting around moping over their absence, ask yourself these questions:

Does my house have wasted space?

Do the interior aspects and décor give off the “vibe” I’m going for?

Do the functions of the furniture choices revolve around having my kids at home?

Yes, Yes, & Yes? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one answering yes to all three! So now that we have established some basics, let’s get right to it and replace those yes’s with no’s!

As parents we sacrifice our own desires to provide the absolute best for our children. But when the kids leave for college or onto the next chapter of their life, parents should feel free to move forward too! They have done their job and raised a child so great that they are able to venture out on their own and make something of themselves, so parents should take pride in that and enjoy the freedom of the next phase in life.

That freedom should start with taking back all the things sacrificed and rewarding themselves with the home and décor of their dreams.

The furniture from a home designed to nurture a family of teenage boys and girls most likely isn’t the furniture you keep once those children move out. That family house furniture was most likely manufactured standardized pieces of furniture that shined in its multiple functions of service.

When you have a house of more than two, it can get tough to fit everything you need in the space you have, making your furniture requirements multi-purposeful and functional to accommodate everyone.

However, you don’t need all that extra functionality now that there’s only one generation living in the house!

With all the extra space, redecorating is the perfect way to change that house of “function” into a house that screams your personality. Express your personality however you would like and stick with that vibe.

Today a lot of people are going with the neutral earth tones when redecorating, for a relaxing, refreshing and welcoming feel for you and any guests you may host.

Regardless of your style, as an empty nester it’s the perfect time to expand, explore, and customize the color palette, décor, and overall feel of your home space. Before picking out any décor you want to make sure you have a solid base that fits the mood you are going for.

This is your chance to finally have the dream home you’ve always envisioned for yourself (and your spouse) at this point in your life. No kids, just you, your love, and your dream house!

Step one in achieving this dream house is crucial – look away from manufactured standardized furniture, look towards designer custom furniture, and never look back!

With your new open space, you need new furniture pieces that will accentuate the room in a better way.

Many Empty Nester’s end up down-sizing much of their common furniture pieces such as a smaller dining room table or different seating arrangements in the living room to better accommodate the number of occupants while also better fashioning the changed space.

The room that changes the most when sending off the last child is their bedroom. This is where you take that adventurous leap and transform that room into the office, workout room, guest room or entertainment room you’ve always wanted!

From the color palette, to every piece of furniture, to every detailed décor, that room is the perfect way to add one last addition to your house that you could never do before. Take advantage of that and live your best life in your dream house!

Custom, high-end, designer furniture stores give the power to the customer to completely take control and avoid settling for furniture that is simply less than they want. From wool rugs, to bedside table lamps, to bar carts, be your own interior designer with custom made furniture at your fingertips!

With hand-selected, designer, custom-made furniture, Herringbone & Company has the perfect selection of home décor to shape your empty nest however your heart desires.

We are here for you, by your side and ready to help you achieve your dream home goals during this exciting transition in life.

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