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Rising Demand for Custom Furniture Tops 2018 Designer Furniture Trends

Posted by Heather Pedersen on

The unique trends in home décor witnessed so far in 2018 are fueled by larger lifestyle trends popping up within our society. The concept of minimalism, our growing ability to work from home (or anywhere), and our rising desire for multi-functionality, are all catalysts to these popular trends and styles.

Couple these changes with an expanding economy and we can understand why the designer furniture and custom furniture markets are expected to increase by over 4% in the coming years.

As people continue to spend a larger amount of time at home, interior designers and home owners are trending décor styles with modern elegance and grace, coupled with convenience and technology. The result? Many consumers are asking themselves, why spend the money, time, or hassle of jetting off to an exotic location, when you can achieve that relaxed, elegant, pampered feeling at home?

The Rise of Working from Home and Custom Furniture

In 2018, we aren’t just talking about island colors and an outdoor oasis. Initially the growing demand for custom furniture was been spurred by the need for a home office.

Hoards of business owners and workers saved money by working from home during the recession and it continued, out of convenience, during the recovery. According to FlexJobs, there are now 3.9 million Americans or 2.9% of the total US workforce who work from home at least half the time and they predict in 10 years one in three people will be working from home.

It’s safe to say we’re in a renaissance period for the home office. The stigma has been stripped away and business owners and consumers are appreciating the value of this minimalist approach. Oh, they’re also saving money on office space too, which frees up budget for furnishings to create that perfect home work space for themselves and their clients.

So, what are the trends that these homeowners are spending on for their home office and the rest of their living area.

Brass Accents in Designer Furniture & Accessories

That right, in 2018 many consumers are moving away from the brushed silver and gravitating towards the golden brass tones bringing warmth, subtlety, and elegance into the home. Designers are finding the brass accents to be a great substitute for silver tones that have become rampant in-home décor in previous years.

A trend within a trend in 2018 home décor is a focus on circular patterns accompanying these brass accents. Hard geometric shapes have been trendy for some time, but the circle seems to be topping the charts when it comes to trendy in 2018. This can go from accent pillows all the way to items such as this stunning dew drop brass sunburst mirror, inspired by a vintage necklace from the 18th century.

These circular designer furniture pieces and accessories provide a softer feel to a home, adding comfort and energy to any space. Circles are viewed and interpreted subconsciously as graceful and provide an organic feeling of completeness and unity to any room.

Custom Furniture and Home Decor with Woven Textures

Continuing with the minimalism trend, décor involving woven textures is in high demand in 2018. The organic feel and makeup of woven materials provide a wonderful texture to almost any interior décor or style. Similar to the circular shapes, woven materials, colors, and patterns bring a peaceful feeling to a home, which is very ascetically pleasing while simultaneously providing a soothing touch.

The use of woven materials such as rattan, sea-grass, bamboo, and wicker in small or large doses throughout the home provides an added layer of elegance and grace to a space. From Woven Drum Chandeliers, woven rugs, and woven throws all the way to pieces like a woven mirror or woven placement set your options to incorporate this great organic trend into your home décor are almost endless.

Artisan Chandeliers & Fixtures to Accent a Home

Many designers have become partial to including elaborate and unique artisan chandeliers & fixtures to incorporate an added mystique to a particular space. It’s become evident that in 2018 the trend is to integrate the natural surroundings of a home into the design of these fixtures, utilizing the additional light as an accompaniment to the natural light and colors already in place.

Items such as a classic iron lantern chandelier drape your home that handmade and classic feel that artisan accents provide. When a skilled craftsman has taken time to handcraft a piece of furniture -or home décor, as opposed to being factory produced, it instantly adds a distinct and elegant touch.

These items are products of time, skill, art, and commitment that give life to and provide a focal point of attention in a home, that highlights the talent of the custom furniture’s craftsman.

It's pivotal to design a space and adorn it with fixtures that fit within the architecture of the home and when possible, reflect the topography of its location. Take this Beaded Teardrop Chandelier for example. This fixture would go perfect in a home with a wet rocky architecture, feeding off the natural feeling of dew dripping in the morning. Selecting natural elements when choosing fixtures and using high quality materials that will last, will result in a grace and beauty that will withstand the test of time.

Designer Furniture in 2018

One thing is for sure; in 2018, there’s no escaping designer furniture trends, and there’s certainly no shortage on what people are saying is in style. Regardless of how in tune you are with these trends, home décor, custom furniture, and designer furniture stores design all their products with these trends and styles in mind.

From viral shapes to minimalist furniture choices, its hard to stay in the “know” when it comes to designer furniture and home décor trends, so keep us in mind the next time you want to get back in the loop!

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