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Black is back and bolder than ever!

Posted by Heather Pedersen on

BLACK is the new finish trend!

Gold and Brass are all the rage and still so in Vogue, but Black is moving up the trend charts quickly!  From Faucets, to Windows, Lighting, even black paint on exteriors, black is showing up EVERYWHERE!  Black is a wonderful finish because it is so classic and never goes out of style.  It can be used in Modern Interiors as well as Traditional design, and lets not leave out the fact it looks incredible in the oh so popular Farmhouse Style!  It's like the Little Black Dress for Interiors!  At Herringbone & Company, we strive to always provide you with product that helps you bring the latest trends into your home.  And we have the black trend covered.  Check out these products as a way to add this new Black trend into your home.

Square Black LanternGold and Black Iron Lantern

Try adding a Black Lantern style Chandelier to your entry way or over your kitchen island.  Lantern style lighting is also trending now so you would be doing double time with the design trends! 

Iron and Wood Counter stool

Slide several of these counter stools around your kitchen island for a pop of black iron that contrasts so nicely with bright white cabinets!



 Matte Black BowlMatte Black Bowls

Matte Black Dinnerware














One of the top searches for dishware this year on google.... Matte Black Dishes.  We have a beautiful set of Matte Black dishes that includes not only a full dish set, but also serving bowls and platters!  Serve up some of your favorite recipes on these top selling tabletop goods! 



 Custom Black Dining Table

Want to go BOLD with the Black trend?  Try adding this Custom Made Black table to your dining room.  With endless customization, this table is the ultimate in Designer Quality Furniture! 




Matte Black Outdoor Lantern

Don't forget the outdoors!  Black is trending outside too.  From exterior window finishes, to entire exteriors being painted black, don't forget to add at little black outside as well.  We have black exterior sconces and hanging lanterns that will make your house shine in no time!

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